Pricing and Payments

Great you completed step one, Now step two is your Payment so lets find the best option!

Serving Fees

Standard *         (1st attempt within 72 hrs)                               $45.00

Rush*                  (1st attempt within 24 hrs)                              $55.00

Super Rush*       (1st attempt within 12 hrs)                             $75.00

3 Day 30 Day 60 Day Notices       (posting included)             $45.00

CSC Lawyers Inc. Rush        (12noon cut off)                           $55.00

CSC Lawyers Incorporated    (48-72hrs)                                   $35.00


*all serves (not postings) include three attempts

**After serving your legal documents we will prepare and execute the Proofs of Service , email signed copies and mail the originals by first-class mail for you to file at court.

Local Process Servers ready to Deliver!

Additional Fees

Court Filing (Sacramento County only   *family court per hour 2 hr minimum)                               $ 65.00

Out of Area Surcharge (for non-central downtown serves (surrounding cities *20.00))           $ 10.00

Out of State Proofs Requiring Notarization                             $ 35.00

Additional Defendant (same address "excludes CSC")                              $ 15.00 ea

Process Service by Mail (each defendant)                                $ 25.00 ea

Printing Surcharge (0-30 pages)                                              (no charge)

Printing Surcharge (31-60 pages)                                             $    3.00

Printing Surcharge (61-100 pages*)                                         $    5.00

*A printing fee of 10 cents per page will be applied to documents over 100 pages

Once your payment is complete you are ready for step three please Email, Fax or upload 

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